Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A wonderful day!

Our golf tournament/fundraiser was everything we wanted it to be - and so, so much more! The rain passed us by and we had gorgeous blue Texas skies (and a little chill, but our golfers didn't seem to mind). We raised $23,000 (!) that day alone, bringing our total to more than $60,000! For those of you keeping score, that's a whole $40,000 OVER our initial goal. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who supported this effort with love, prayer, time, donations, etc. etc. etc... it wouldn't have come off without you. To everyone who passed along the email, blog address, and info on the fundraiser - THAT'S how we got to where we did. In 46 days to raise this much money - I think it's pretty remarkable. Thank you for spreading the word so quickly - you guys are superstars!

To the Luphers - thank you for letting us be a part of your family for the day - you are an incredible group of people and you have touched our hearts forever.

We will post photos and final proceed numbers when we have them - stay tuned!  :)

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