Saturday, October 24, 2009

We have bracelets!

These sweet bracelets (eco-friendly, recycled silicone even!) are light blue on the outside and pink on the inside (for our babies!) and say "for witt and elle". Send $5.00 cash or check (and your mailing address) to Angie will get you yours today (or tomorrow via snail mail)! ALL PROCEEDS will go toward our friends, the Luphers.

Angie Goings; 14522 Dunsmore Place; Cypress, TX  77429

You can also pay via PayPal (send funds to - be sure to note that it's for a bracelet (or two, three, four...) and include the mailing address. It'll be in the mail and to you in no time!  :)



  1. How do I purchase one?

  2. Just send to me (address is in post)... lmk if you have any questions.